Mustaqim Dyeing & Printing Industries (Pvt) Limited is one of the leading textile manufacturer of Pakistan. We acquired a spinning unit in 2014. Our facility have 36,120 spindles, and We produce Ring Spun yarns as well as have facility to produce open-end yarns on both auto coro and RN machines.

Quality and Machinery Setup

MUSTAQIM has invested lot on new technology and now have latest machinery setup and we always believe to upgrade our setup and system to produce best quality yarns. We are using Trutzchler technology in the back process of yarn, we have also added extra cleaning points to achieve optimum level of quality product we have installed SPFPU contamination sorter in blow room line, while we have SAVIO & SCHLAFORST autoconer with UQ3 clearers which produce contamination controlled yarn ,and back up of online quality control system, Uster Expert. In addition to above we have recently bought latest and state of the art ACO-9 Auto Coro machines from Schlafhorst.


What makes us different is our focus on the good quality yarns, through this we are giving confidence and satisfaction to our buyers doing business with us.
Ever since the group was established, it has embarked on a journey of delighting its customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations, and serving the local market and also developing export market as well by providing state-of-the art technologies and our products quality. Our formula for success has been to identify customer needs and then our technology, skills & ideas to make a real impact in our product.

Product Portfolio


  • Our main counts ranges are between 10s and 32s Carded Knitting & Weaving with any blend of Poly/Cotton.
  • We only use 100% BCI Cotton in Ring Spinning which gives edge to manufacturers who are using our yarns.
  • Most common blend ratios are PC 52:48, 65:35 & CVC 60:40 & etc

Following are some general products.

  • PC & CVC blends for Weaving & Knitting
  • CP blended Slub Siro Weaving
  • PC blended Slub Weaving
  • CP blended Siro Weaving

Our main running counts are 10s, 12s, 16s, 20s and 30s Carded PC with various blends such as 52:48, 65:35, 70:30 & etc.


  • Ne 8s – Ne 14s PC & CVC Carded Yarns


We are BCI COTTON certified since 1st day of our production and use BCI Cotton in our Ring Spun products.

We are also CMIA Cotton certified, mainly produced our yarn for home textile (bed sheets) for our export customers.

Our Oeko-Tex certification is also in process.